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Framus Pickguard Electronics

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  • Framus Pickguard Electronics

    Hello Forum,

    I got as a gift a beautiful old Framus 1967 AZ10. Since the guitar is old and someone before did something to electronics on the pickguard it is not working properly. I would like to ask does anyone have any wiring schematics or any idea where I could find documentation like this to restore it back as it was from the factory?

    With regards,
    Rok P.

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    Hello Pugy, I'm not sure it is an AZ-10... To me, it looks more like a GrandStar 5/125. A beautiful guitar in any case! Could you send us a picture of the back of the pickguard so we could see what is left of the electronics? Maybe we can help you rebuild from this


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      I tried to reconnect everything but I got a bit lost with all the wires and switches. I do know how to wire a les paul or a strat but this is a whole different story. Anyway here are the pictures of the back. And inside the electronics. I think since the wires are not the same someone was making some rewiring. The idea is to wire it as it was from the factory.


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        Quick update, I think I have solved the issue. The pickups as you can see on the first picture were switched around so ground went to hot and hot to ground. I think it is working now properly. Since I ordered a new amplifier and I am waiting for delivery I can not say all the switches are working at this moment. When the amplifier arrives I will try it and report back. Anyway I connected it to my Marshall MS-2 to see if the pickups are working and the potenciometers. So far it looks promising. Will report back soon!


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          So I got my amp and tried her on the proper amp. The pickups are working good and the pots are also working good. But I think this 3 switches do nothing. It seems that they are bypassed or not working....