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Lap Steel Waikiki

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  • Lap Steel Waikiki

    I bought an old lap steel Waikiki, and the Jack + the 2 buttons are on the wrong side (as if it was for left handed people). But I saw on YouTube or on Google that all the players are right handed… it not easy to play that way. Somebody could find the solution for me please? Was it a “mistake” by Framus or was it for left handed players? In my opinion it’s for right handed players (I hope because I bet a lot of money against my friend who disagrees haha!!). Thanks for your help

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    Sorry, I keep forgetting to comment on this. Especially sad as it a rare topic that really made me smile. (and I also keep forgetting to give my collection of strange lap steels justice btw) So I used eo lok at hundreds and hundreds of these instruments, and I think I've seen this configuration before. But next to none that were clearly intended for left handed playing. (If I were a left handed guitar player, I'd rather play the flute than to attempt playing the lap steel strung up for right handed, I'd flip it over and be done with it)

    So what happened at Framus then, we will never know unless the apprentice of 1963 speaks out. If I'm informed correctly that was a time with such high demand that everything sold eventually, maybe even when they got the routing wrong. The guitar in the video is very interesting, either very rare as an Electra in mid 60s specs, or modified by owners (no routing at all on earlier ones.




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      Do you know on which stringed instrument a lot of things are backwards related to the guitar? (hint: Framus built quite a few of them)