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Framus Nashville tenor banjo

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  • Framus Nashville tenor banjo

    can anyone in here tell me anything about this item.
    ​​​​​I cant find any similar anywhere on Google?

    ​​​​​​Anything about age and perhaps value?

    Greetings from Denmark

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    Hi & welcome to the forum!
    To me, this looks like a replacement drum head on a quality banjo from the 70s or so, possibly of Japanese origin. Framus used to make them in a more minimalistic fashion.
    Needs to be loud, who cares about looks?


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      Well... I care a little if im really gonna have a chance to sell IT.
      i've opened it op and this was the inside. But no producent og any numbers??
      Someone else somewhere said that it could be a Ludwig riviera??
      Well, how about that?

      ​​​​​​Isnt there any pages you can plug in the data about how it looks, and there is a little mashine suggesting a variety of banjos...... Just asking......


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        Hello again,
        There are neither AI nor banjo experts here, I think. And while the idea is tantalizing that these instruments may have been made or marketed by drum manufacturers, it is very probable that Ludwig should be just another name on the skin, like "Remo" which a lot of banjo manufacturers apparently use as a parts supplier.
        Do keep us posted if you find out about the maker. (does the brand show up in any guitar adverts, mail order catalogues from way back,....?)