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Wich model ?

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  • Wich model ?

    Hello everyone,

    I got this beautiful guitar that belongs to my mother and uncle.
    It dates from the mid-sixties.
    I can't find what model it is.
    It looks a lot like this one: but only has 6 strings.

    Can you help me identify this model please?

    Thanking you in advance

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    This is the history section, so let's do some model history on 5/154-50 /52 /54 Strato. One very cool and the second longest running electric guitar model.
    It was introduced in 1962 to gradually replace 5/129 /130 /131 Hollywood. The original configuration with set neck, engraved metal pickguard with 1 - 3 pickups , tone selector switch and DIN output jack is shown in the 1963 catalogue:
    Klicke auf die Grafik für eine vergrößerte Ansicht

Name: FramusKatalog1963p9.jpg
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ID: 748
    by then, they had changed the design to bolt on neck with the narrower new pickups. like the one shown by the OP.
    Strato Melodie is mentioned in that catalogue in the "new designs"-section, as "Trickgitarre" with protected design (DBGM) applied for, while some guitarists attempted homemade conversions of their instruments for 9 or more strings, inspired bby the Indo-rockers of that time.
    Strato appeared in 1, 2 and 3 pickup-models throughout the 60s, with the electronics of the day and various pickguard, control and headstock designs. Off course, you can't take anything for granted regarding continuity of designs, or if they really made the datestamps on the necks shortly before shipping.
    up until about 1975, this body shape was last used for model j-155, a budget model with just one pickup.

    Klicke auf die Grafik für eine vergrößerte Ansicht

Name: FV-J-155-Junior-Solid%20Body-246_side39b402ce1e9a59dbbf17bee1a53c91561eb8_1920x1920.jpg
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      Thank you for the really informative feedback!


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        I have just purchased an identical guitar and am waiting for it to arrive. I believe this could be a 5/158. There is a Framus catalog showing the 5/159 with nine strings and to the left of the picture they list a 5/158. Unfortunately there is no picture of the 5/158 model. In any case this is a beautiful guitar.


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          Well, congratulations! Do post a picture when it arrives.