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Private pics for Framus website

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  • Private pics for Framus website

    Hi there,
    I consider it an excellent idea to complete the Framus Vintage website by using private pictures. I intend to upload my 1955 3/4 Cutaway Uprightbass, my 1969 5/150-AM Stone-Bass, my 1973 Strato 4 Electric Bass and my 1960 5/51 Studio Archtop. Did anyone do this already and knows anything about e.g. size of pictures, preferred background, views of instruments? Thanks, shc

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    Hi, thanks for texting.

    I am Ron Cross, Canadian living in Australia 50 years, Mom and Dad gave me this Framus in the 50's. When we took off to travel the world I sold my 4 guitars and forgot about them. Then we came home for a 50 year High School Reunion, one friend said 'Ron do you want that guitar back, I never did learn to play it? I was not sure which one so we went to his home, he bought out this Acoustic Framus, and said 'you can have it back if you want it'. I really did Mom and Dad played that guitar.

    Now I would like to learn its age and more, anyone know how to do that. Serial NO 8318 the rest is faded and can't read.

    I live in Queensland, but born in Sturgeon Falls Ontario where the guitar was. Contact if you have info, I do not want to sell it.

    Thanks Ron

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      Hot tip from another northerner, hailing from New Liskeard, Ontario. Excellent online lessons at, a one-of-a-kind music school with students worldwide, operating out of Abbottsford, BC. I’m also enrolled in the sister class, Pianote; in fact, I liked it so much I took a life membership when it was offered. Lots of Australians on board. I have a 6/274 Standard 200 Series tenor banjo, 1968 vintage, tuned GDAE for Irish music.

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    Hi Ron, good to learn that this is truly a global forum. Welcome. Your picture shows most likely a six-string Texan. If by any chance you can post a clear picture of the label we might be able to check the stamp below the serial number. Still, may I kindly ask you to move your post into acoustic guitars? I have opened this thread to learn about how to provide Framus with private pictures to complete their site/archive, thanks.


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      Hi Ron, Hi shc,

      Thanks for opening this thread!

      @Ron: it is true that your picture is a little bit off topic but let me give you a quick answer: I think your guitar is a Gaucho. They were built from 1970 and 1974.

      @shc (and Ron)
      You can post your pictures and contribute to the website here:
      Well, nobody has done it yet but someone has to start, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So don't be shy, the others will follow It is true that there are no guidelines but I guess the good old front, back, inclined and detailed pictures still apply. For example, I found this picture absolutely stunning:

      With a solid black velvet background... Always kills it! Almost professional. But I guess, you should not put too much pressure on yourself and feel free to post. As long as the background is not messy and the instrument is beautiful, we want to see more Framus :-D

      Cheers to you guys,


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        So, I‘ve sent my pics to Framus. Let‘s wait and see...


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          ...and welcome to the private gallery!


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            Congrats! Beautiful guitars and beautiful pictures


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              Congrats! Beautiful guitars and beautiful pictures
              Thank you