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Need help identifying guitar. Strato deluxe

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  • educrot

    The headstock of your guitar indicates that it is an early version of the 5/168 Golden Strat.

    Except that it is not golden... It must be a standard v
    ersion in nickel or Chrome:
    The Bridge Cover, tremolo arm and cover are missing.

    The Golden Strat was made in 1963 but this one must be from early 62 or so. later on they had a smaller curved headstock on the Golden Strat.

    You might find vintage-correct machine heads on this link if you are looking for a replacement:

    I hope this helps,

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  • Atlerak
    hat ein Thema erstellt Need help identifying guitar. Strato deluxe.

    Need help identifying guitar. Strato deluxe

    Hello. I need help identifying the year of manufactur.
    The peghead is broken, and its shape is like a fender strat.,
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