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IMS guitar- B knob?

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  • IMS guitar- B knob?

    Hello, I recently acquired a Framus labelled "IMS" and it is in definite need of some work, but I have no clue on the model. I was also curious on what the "B" knob does and its electronic purpose. I will need to be installing some vintage pickups, and I am curious as to what pot goes to where. Thanks for the help. I included my (very) relic-ed guitar and an exact copy I found on the internet. Thanks again!

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    Hi. Unfortunately you didn't include detailed pictures, but I can see that it is a very cool guitar. (what do you mean "Framus labeled"? IMS were made at their factory and marketed via the US army PX shops - but they had their own labels afaik - off course without a sound hole, where would you put a label?)
    and "B", as in "V" (which means "Volumen") and "T"( which means "Ton"))? As this is not sophisticated enough for Americans, maybe it's "Bass"? (come on, you could have guessed it yourself?) It's just a small cap in line, 4,7 nF or so. At least it was present in 70s solidbodies.
    Best of luck with the restoration!