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Framus Junior 6

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  • Framus Junior 6

    Hi All,
    I've just picked up a framus junior 6 from 1972, its a cool little guitar, has a zero fret, tremolo, and 1 single coil pick up. stamp on the neck says 1972, i think. The one piece on it that is obviously not original is one of the thumb screws for the bridge height adjustment. the threaded posts that they sit on are around 3.4mm diameter, so they're not metric. does anyone know if i buy a new framus vintage bridge, can i nick the thumb screw off it as a replacement? or have they moved to m4 or some other metric thread?

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    Here are some pics, I'm trying to clean it up at the minute, so the strings are off. Neck is made of a ton of thin slices glued together, I've not seen that before. was this a common Framus thing? it certainly gives it a unique look....


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      Hi, from my experience the new spare parts are 100% vintage correct so your thumb shoud fit.


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        Awesome thank you! Ive still to find a truss rod key for it, and I've a bad feeling the rod doesn't work, as it has too much relief and someone put in a shim in the neck pocket to tilt the neck and make it playable. Still a fun guitar tho!


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          Just in case this is useful to someone else... I bought a vintage framus bridge, and the bridge posts were a perfect fit, the adjustment wheels had a smaller outer diameter to the original one but still worked, but the post to post distance on the bridge piece was far smaller on the new bridge compared to the original one. I put in the new posts and adjustment wheels, kept the original bridge bar, and it works beautifully now.

          I ended up having to cut down a truss rod key to get it to fit - the truss rod pocket on the headstock is really small! I managed to get it playing pretty well with a truss adjustment and the bridge height adjustment, so i left the shim in the neck pocket - if i remove it i thing ill have to do some levelling on the higher frets and im not confident I can pull that off!


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            This is interesting. Do the non-metric threads screw directly into the wood, or are there inserts?