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Framus Golden Strato De Luxe

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  • Framus Golden Strato De Luxe

    Hello, I have an original Framus Golden Strato De Luxe 5/168-54gl with a lot of missing parts and the whole electric circuit dismanteled.
    I have found some replacements from the Warwick site and I've also founded more on Musikkeller site, but they have never replied to my e-mail.
    The only big problem is actually to recreate the original circuit with the "organ swell effect"; does anybody knows something about it or have a wiring scheme or some detailed pictures of the back of the electronic-plate? Any help would be appreciate. Thank you

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    I am in the same situation. I have a 1963 Golden Strato deluxe which was given to me by my father as a gift when I was young. I had started refinishing it a few years ago but was sidelined with injuries due to an accident. Now I am trying to have a luthier restore it but he is having difficulty finding an accurate diagram. Can you possibly help? I am hoping that someone on the forum can help. Thanks and good luck with your project as well. If I happen to run across the wiring diagram are you still needing one?