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Vintage Framus identification

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  • Vintage Framus identification

    Hi all!

    A friend of mine has this guitar and we're trying to determine the exact model/year of this Framus.

    He did find some markings that's pretty hard to read, Model 5180/59 (or similar) with serial number 59566 60M


    I've found this guard but it doesn't specify the model:
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    A cool design. Any chance to have a picture of the label inside (through the soundhole) or of the markings on the back of the headstock? It could be a special version of a Sorella 5/95 from December 1966 (66M) but I‘ve never seen this kind of string holder.


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      I'll ask him, thanks!


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        Here it is ( sorry for the crappy photo, he's using some ancient cell):

        Klicke auf die Grafik für eine vergrößerte Ansicht

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          It looks like President model but with additional pickups/guard. Did Framus sold separately pickguard/pickups?

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            I think RamHead nailed it! It's a 5/80-59-52 Präsident Resonanz Electric, made between 1958 and 1960. I'm pretty sure... What a great model... Maybe your friend can send better pictures. This would perfectly fit the Framus photo gallery Just right there : ^^


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              Wow, a 5/80 President from December 1960 (60M). Please more pics to private gallery!


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                I'll ask him, but he's using some ancient phone

                Any idea what this guitar could fetch these days? He's thinking of selling it, we're in EU.


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                  Good question, there aren‘t many Presidents around these days . But anywhere above 1.000 Euro would not surprise me...but that‘s just me.