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Semi-hollow electric bass guitar by Framus identification help

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  • Semi-hollow electric bass guitar by Framus identification help

    Need some help in identifying this wonderful guitar. I haven't seen it in real life yet so i don't know how the guitar's sutuation is.
    It 's up for auction in an online site and i'm really digging this bass guitar.
    Would anyone know of spare original hardware for this. The neck pick up is missing and looking at the installed bridge makes me wonder if that is the original bridge.
    Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    It appears that you'd have more reason to be puzzled by the tailpiece, which indeed looks homemade (of brass?). Finding parts is becoming tougher and more expensive lately. Great strap btw!


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      According to previous sales/Pinterest, it's a Framus Atlantic bass model 5/143 c.1969 - tailpiece chrome originally but maybe re-plated gold at some stage - Why not try Martin Turner's bass lines from Wishbone Ash's 'Vas Dis'............? Bridge is probably original as it fits the era (Schaller/Framus) and is identical to that on my 'Mystery Bass' posting elsewhere here. Good luck in the auction !
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        Could also be an original tailpiece with the chrome scraped off for some reason (scratches or oxidized?).