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Framus 5/1, would lke to know more please...

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  • Framus 5/1, would lke to know more please...

    hello from Canada...

    was gven an old Framus 5/1 that wasn't considered a treasure by the owner, now i have have had it a few years and intend to bring it as close to factory as possible...

    Details: Rectangle label (Framus-Werke-Bavara), model 5/1 in pencil, serial number is the 5-digit type (31744) and no inspection marking at all; glued neck, looks like rosewood - ply arched back (looks like maple), laminate top (looks like spruce). No visible sign of pickguard ever existing - the tailpiece is are stamped-steel and i'm, wondering if it's a replacement. Tuners are pearl drops and it has the bookend-ish headstock with the stamped metal logo and truss cover.

    Just curious and cuing on the talpiece, label shape and serial - anyone know much about this re: manufacture date?


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    hello toastisuhhok
    on the label on the side of the k there must be a faded stamp . like 60 k or 59 l or whatever .
    on mine there is 60 k = 1960 oktober . if you take a flashlight under a certain angle you might be able to find the faded stamp .


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      Hi - just signed up to this forum - hello!

      Can anyone help identify this guitar? Serial number is 18287 but the model number is really indistinct on the label. It's a 12 string electro acoustic and left handed.


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