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5/024 Hootenanny

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  • rain-air
    Hi Clive,
    I don't know about Framus. I think any trained luthier should be competent to perform the repair. You didn't show how bad the neck butchery is. This might lead some of them to decline the work, depending on their workload. it's a worthwhile project and I', sure you'll find somebody to do it.
    What are the electronics by the way?

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  • manc1973
    hat ein Thema erstellt 5/024 Hootenanny.

    5/024 Hootenanny

    Hi all, this is my first post on this forum.

    I have, I believe, a 5/024 Hootenanny. This has been in my family now for many years and I fondly remember this guitar coming out a family gatherings. The guitar has now come across to me after my father passed. Due to sentimental reasons, I would like to get the guitar restored. The guitar is in, what I would say, very poor condition. There is a hole in the side that has been covered with a brass plate, the neck is bent and action very high. The neck looks to have been screwed to the body at some point and the joint at the top of the neck looks to be splitting…….apart from all this is perfect!!!!

    I am looking for advise on the best course of action: Do Framus have a repair service? If not where is the best place to go to to get this all corrected.

    All advise greatly appreciated.