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  • 12-string

    My Framus 12-string that I bought in the mid 60's. I have not found any information about it online. The only thing I have found are two pictures of David Bowie with the guitar. Does anyone know anything?

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    this guitar should be well documented in the framus-vintage files as 5/019 "Camping King" . It was made early in 1965 or earlier, later models use a floating bridge and tailpiece. I really miss mine, it's a fun little guitar.
    Then again... upon researching the Bowie connection; it might be a slightly upgraded model, as the electronics seem to be stock and there are no dot markers on the acoustic model. Interesting that the Bowie connection is not as well known as John Lennon's association with the "Hootenanny", the 12fret-version of Camping King.
    There's a big, sad story for me, as I eventually became aware that a later owner had my guitar converted to a Hootenanny, scrapping the top, which while not well selected, well, at least was a soundboard with history