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Needs help to identify vintage Framus?

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  • Needs help to identify vintage Framus?

    My father was in the Army stationed in Germany after WW2. He purchased this guitar while in Germany. I don’t know if it was new or used when purchased. From what I have been told it is possible an early Baiersdorf Framus. It doesn’t have numbers or labels on it. The K on the headstock was added. My dad’s was Kenneth, so I believe it was added to identify his.
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    Hello. Not easy. I am not quite sure if the Luthiers at Frames used the 5-ply laminated neck back then (indeed it is possible - before things got industrialized) The headstock reminds me of products from the Sandner family.. Like the Isana a famous singer and movie actor bought while being stationed here in Germany.
    Of course it helps to show the front, as the shape of soundholes might tell something.
    You could try your luck in the forum at, as some guys with a strong interest in old German archtops might still hang out there.


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      Thank you for the information. There are 5 pictures and of the front. If you click on the pictures you should be able to scroll thru all 5 posted
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        oops, how could I miss this? sorry. Yes it probably is. What are you planning to do with it?